Abersoch to Pwllheli

With various weather sites consulted it appeared that the planned  day on the hills would have to be postponed not because of rain but very high winds and the Navigator suggested a coastal walk from Abersoch back to Pwllheli.  My brother in law, Andy travelled over from Chester to join us. As Andy lived in England he had to pay for the bus trip to Abersoch as Terry and I smugly produced our bus passes.


The planning was immaculate as we had the wind on our backs the whole time. We noticed a few trees which had not withstood the wind one of which had just missed a big house overlooking the beach.

Abersoch harbour

We walked along the beach annd up onto Mynydd Tir y Cwmwd with views back to the St Tudwals islands.
Looking west from Mynydd Tir y Cwmwd

St Tudwals Islands

Looking north from Mynydd Tir yr Cwmwd

On the east side of the headland we came across a statue which the Navigator knows as the Tin Man.

A chill wind blows through

Looking north east to the hills

 We walked back down to the beach below Llanbedrog and along the cliffs to the headland of Carreg y Defaid.  There was a sad site here as we found the body of a cormorant which presumably had been caught in the wind and blown into a wire fence.

We found a spot out of the wind for lunch and the almost flew back to Pwllheli along the beach and onto Carreg yr Imbill before heading back into the town.

Lunch stop

A mini Tryfan? However this is Carreg yr Imbill
Magic Mushroom

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