Llanddarog Circular

It’s been very quiet on the blog with no content since May 2018. The reason has been a knee problem.

Some 6 years ago I started having knee pains in my right knee. I was diagnosed with a meniscus tear which led to an arthroscopy and it worked until late in 2017. in October of that year I had are annual Lake District jaunt but I felt I was struggling. I self referred to the physio. department at our local hospital who found I had tight muscles and they were able to improve the situation. Then in February 2018 things took a turn for the worse and I could hardly walk to the local shops, although cycling gave no problems. Following an x ray and a consultation I was told a new knee was required. In my health trust there was a 20 month waiting time and I was not able to be transferred elsewhere!!

As I am 70, 20 months was a chunk of time i potentially have left so I took the private route and depleted the bank account. So on 5th July 2018 i went under the knife. I can now walk without the previous problems and am up to 5 miles around my local lanes. again cycling is also possible. There is still some post operative discomfort but this should continue to decrease.

I have been walking about 2 miles at a stretch and from boxing day I have increased this to some 5 miles. Today I had my second 5 mile walk again around the local lanes.

Route https://my.viewranger.com/track/details/OTM5Njc0MQ==

Looking towards Mynydd Llangendeirne

Local sheep

Hopefully I will be able increase my walking but whether this will include “off piste” time will tell.