As the “Navigator” had a hospital appointment in Carmarthen to check he was still alive, today’s walk would be fairly local.


We parked in the Bronwydd village hall car park and headed downstream alongside the Afon Gwili and passing the station of the Gwili Railway.

Bronwtdd 008

Bronwtdd 001

From here we crossed the main road and walked uphill into the countryside and turning north towards Newchurch along a very overgrown bridleway.

Bronwtdd 002

Bronwtdd 003

Dr Livingstone I presume?

Bronwtdd 004

Bronwtdd 005

Follow me, this is definitely the way. 

Our route turned east towards Cwmdwyfran and again alongside the Afon Gwili back to the car.

Bronwtdd 006

Afon Gwili a fine grade 2 canoeing river at the right levels.

Bronwtdd 007

Bronwtdd 009

Can you spot the “Navigator”?



This was the “scorchio” week and the decision was made to head for the coast where there  was bound to be sea breezes but it was not to be.


We parked the car in Middle Mill a hamlet just up the road from Solva. From here we walked a lane to Whitchurch and then onto the old St Davids Airfield now a  SSSI.

Solva 001

Solva 002

Our coffee break was had in a postage size piece of shadow and then via lanes and footpaths down to the coast through Trelerw.

Solva 003

Solva 004

Solva 005

On reaching the coast path turned east heading for Solva.

Solva 006

Solva 007

Solva 008

With lunchtime approaching we were desperate for some shade or at least a breeze. There was none of the former and despite being on a high cliff overlooking the earthworks of an old fort there was little of the latter.

Following our food break we continued into Solva and back along the lanes to our car in Middle Mill.

Solva 009

Solva 010

Solva 011

Solva 012

Solva 013

Brynamman Cycle Ride

I have had this ride in my mind for some time, taking in the mountain road to Llangadog but returning prior to that village.


I parked opposite the Black Mountain Centre and started the climb along the A4069 which entailed a couple of “photo opportunities” (rest stops) until I reached the Herbert Quarry.

Brynamman 2 001

Brynamman 2 002

Brynamman 2 003

The long and winding and steep road ahead


From there it was a welcome down hill ride to the sharp left turning which would take me back to Brynamman via narrow lanes and views over the countryside to include distant sightings of Carreg Cennen Castle.


Carreg Cennen Castle in the distance


View from the road summit



Carreg Cennen a bit nearer


My destination not on the signpost!


I was looking forward to a coffee back at the centre and perhaps a cake but doom and gloom the cafe closed for food at 1400! To be fair I was offered a coffee if needed but it seemed churlish to reopen just for me.


Waterfall Country

With the recent rains it was a good choice to visit Waterfall Country near Neath. We parked up in Pontneddfechan sharing the car park with a mini bus full of wet suited youngsters presumably heading for some gorge walking. Judging by the screams we heard a little later the water must have been cold!

Waterfalls 008

Waterfalls 009

Craig y Ddinas


The first fall we visited was a there and back walk to the east of Craig y Ddinas but I forget the name of the falls and it is not named on the map – no doubt the “Navigator” will remind me. It looked likely that the falls could be ascended carefully but not today.

Waterfalls 010

I’ve forgotten its name.

Back at the car park we now followed the signed path leading upwards and on to Sgwd y Eira. On the path we passed two ruined farmsteads which must have had a hard time making a living in this wild area.

Waterfalls 011

Heading up hill en route to Sgwd y Eira

We heard the fall before seeing it and it was running well.

Waterfalls 012

This fall has a walkway behind the downpour but must be taken with great care. Before crossing we donned full waterproofs. Probably after a dry spell this may not be necessary but today it was essential.

We all made it through safely.

Waterfalls 013

Looking down on Sgwd y Eira

Waterfalls 014

From below

Waterfalls 015

Gore Tex testing

There was now a steep climb out of the valley and on to our next objective Sgwd y Pannwr a steep descent! Before the obvious improvements to paths in the area clearly with safety in mind you could walk close to the waters edge leading to the waterfall system and we were hoping that it would not be necessary to march up and down the steep valleys to view each fall. Thankfully the old path still exists albeit a narrow one with steep drops down to the river. Again care is needed  especially with young children in tow.

Waterfalls 016

Sgwd y Pannwr

Following lunch where we watched more gorge walkers/swimmers getting immersed in their sport, Sgwd Isaf Clun Gwyn was our next venue and then onto Sgwd Clun Gwyn the last of our day.

Waterfalls 017

Waterfalls 019

Gorge walkers

Waterfalls 018

Sgwd Isaf Clun Gwyn

Waterfalls 020

Sgwd Clun Gwyn

Waterfalls 021

Sgwd Clun Gwyn from opposite bank

A longer walk will take you west to the Afon Nedd Fechan where there is another series of waterfalls and will lead back to the car park at Pontneddfechan.




St Davids

Our usual Monday date was postponed because of stair rod type rain and so Friday was chosen. Unfortunately the “Navigator” takes politics seriously and had stayed up late to witness May’s humiliation and his own tiredness.

The theme for the day was to be flowers and St Davids the venue. When we arrived the first thing we noticed was a new roundabout and road had been built since our last visit.


We set set off  in a westerly direction first along a footpath and then lanes leading to Porthselau on the coast where people were happily sunbathing.

St Davids 003

St Davids 004

Following coffee we then turned north passing Whitesands Bay and onto St Davids Head for a lunch stop.

St Davids 005

Whitesands Bay with Carn Llidi

St Davids 006

The return journey was via the shoulder of Carn Llidi passing the Youth Hostel and along the narrow lanes barely wide enough to accommodate tractors and pedestrians at the same time!

St Davids 007

The flower theme follows.

St Davids 001


St Davids 002



St Davids 010



St Davids 009


St Davids 011

Yellow daisy type flowers.