Sinc y Giedd

Monday’s trip was to head east and visit Sinc y Giedd. This is where the Afon Giedd disappears underground.


We parked in a lay by a church not far from the DanYr Ogof cave complex and then headed up Cwm Haffes.

Cwm Haffes

The rain which was supposed to have stopped by 1100 failed to agree with the Met Office and it was on with kit and off again.

We had lunch at Sinc Yr Giedd, with no sign of any water and I assume it had sunk somewhere else.

Sinc Y Giedd

No sign of river

Following lunch we continued in a south easterly direction passing numerous shake holes and the like.


sink hole

Fan Gyhirych

An afternoon break was taken by a large pond before our final descent back to the car the sun now shining.

This is not Peru

Llansamlet/Ystalyfera/Swansea Bay/Llansamlet


With one day left of our boys week I suggested a bike route which Andy had not done. This was NCN43 which links Swansea bay to Ystalyfera.


We parked up at the trading estate in Llansamlet and set off heading north to Ystalyfera. As said in previous blogs this is a traffic free route and  well worth cycling.

No pictures I am afraid. However i cycled this at the beginning of June with Paul

On reaching Ystalyfera the cafe was again closed – early closing on Saturdays, although we were told that the owners were considering extending weekend opening. Not to be outdone we  crossed  the road to have coffee and cake in Asda.

We decided on returning to Llansamlet to continue on to Swansea Bay, which was part of the route which was new to me.  The path is again traffic free and passes next to the Liberty Stadium, home of the Ospreys (not a place for a  Scarlet fan) and Swansea FC.

We crossed  the road to enter the marina area and pedalled around , watching some expensive yachts enter through the lock gates and then back to Llansamlet.

The end of a good week of “being outdoors”



This walk decision was taken by Mrs Navigator as this was the annual camping trip to the Brecon Jazz Festival.

The “Navigator” and I are engaged to help erect the tent (marquee) where the cool lady will be staying.

Obviously we also incorporate a walk and here’s the


Our first objective after parking the car was “Y Gyrn”. a steady climb through bracken and stone.

As gained the top Pen-y-Fan and Corn Ddu came into view.

We then headed down towards Storey Arms where a small army of holiday walkers were heading up to Pen-yFan.

 Our route was across the main road following the Beacons Way towards Craig Cerrig Gleisiad and then down to the car.

I can report that the tent was successfully erected near Brecon. I have no idea what happened later as what goes on on tour stays on tour!