The Sunday chat with the Navigator informed me that we were heading for the Garnant area to walk either side of the valley.  He needs to find a future route which is not right on the edge of two maps!


We parked in Near Glanaman by a disused Chapel and walked over the railway to the Afon Amman and onto the shared pathway heading west and then north up the Grenig Road. We had a chat with a couple who explained about an apparent overgrown path – one we were to take.

Toward Tair Carn Uchaf

Where’s the machete – we got through

A path was taken heading towards Garnant Golf Club and up to now the paths were well signposted but we hit a problem at refce 688120 where a footpath sign had been thrown to the ground and fences erected either side of a footbridge.

Council told and now involved

Wire cutters?

We backtracked and headed back to the golf club and walked down into Garnant, crossing the main road up towards Twyn and then GlynDeri.  Here we turned west along Llandeilo Road, passing the junction of Heol Felen and then taking the footpath heading south east to pass another disued chapel where I am told Ryan of Ryan and Ronnie fame is buried..  Opposite the chapel the footpath heading south west was followed  back to the car.

Rare sight

The Navigator was disappointed at the previously mentioned footpath blockage as his plans were disrupted and Cwm Pedol will have to wait for another day.

An email has been sent to the local County Council FOR ACTION.

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