Whitesands (Pembs) Wander

The Navigator suggested that we head for the coast on Monday as the weather was looking fine and the destination would be Whitesands Bay.

I apologise for the delay as I could not fully remember the route and had to consult with the Navigator


We set off south from the car park on the coast path with stunning views from the off. At St Justinians tourists were waiting to board the boats which would take them to or around Ramsey Island and with the ribs no doubt riding the infamous “Bitches”.  This is a stretch of white water formed by the rocks jutting out from Ramsey and where quite some time ago I would kayak over to but leave my younger son to play in the huge waves which form there.







Less wild ambitions today with feet firm on terra firma. We headed inland through Treginnis Isaf where there is a city farm and then onto Treginnis Uchaf – no trace of the ganol, across Waun Rhosson thankfully dry underfoot and onto Treleddyn.


There were lots of flora to spot including, orchids, ragged robin, honeysuckle, thrift and campion and others I have forgotten.


At that farm we just made it to safety when a herd of cows came speeding through the yard eithher to milking or a change of field.  Just up from the farm we stopped by a lake to have lunch and watched six water buffalo watching us.

Following lunch we walked on towards Lleithyr to rejoin the coast.


A fine day, perhaps summer has at last arrived.

One thought on “Whitesands (Pembs) Wander

  1. I watched them making the tv film of Richard 11 at Whitesands Bay, and stayed on a grotty campsite before walking out to Fishguard the next morning to complete my walk round the Welsh boundary.

    The weather was similar to your good photos.


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