A Paddle on the Mon. & Brec. Canal

Although not a walk, another blog site is just too much.

It is becoming a rare event to take out the canoe but always a pleasure.  Today I had arranged to paddle with Judy, Mick, Mandy and Molly the dog, all good friends I have spent many an hour paddling with. Mick and I have also swam a goodly number of white water rivers!


Today was to be a calm day on the canal, with only Molly taking a swim. We met up at the basin in Pencelli and headed west to the aqueduct at Bryncych.



There were a number of youth groups launching at the same time but they went east.  We did meet a few canal boats on our trip as well  as the tour boat.

At Bryncych we pulled the canoes from the water and walked down to the Usk for a leisurely lunch and then turned for home.




Luckily Judy has a key for the bridge.

Note to self – must go canoeing more often, but there is so little time when one is retired!

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