A quick decision was made today to sneak a lift with Mrs Bob to her coffee morning meet in Foelgastell and then cycle back via the lanes which circle my home area.


Here is where the “ladies’ hold their “coffee’ mornings!

The pub was advertising a  25 mile bike ride this Sunday with free grub at the end.  Not sure I can manage that distance without some breaks, so perhaps next year.

I did obey the following instruction, but wondered how the Tour de France boys descend so quickly.

After crossing the old A48 onto another lane I stopped to take a photo of the local mill. I can remember this mill making flour and taking the cub scouts to see how it was produced.  It looks like it has now been converted into a private residence.

Granny gear selected I slowly made the next hill and as I turned a corner I came across a buzzard dining on a new kill.  He saw me and flew straight at me, a close encounter.  No photo I’m afraid.

The climbs can be worth it for the views.

We still have some old sign posts.

My next stop was by a stream where quite some ago I would spend time catching small brown trout on home made flies.

Home in time to watch the professional bike riders.

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