This ride was to be done next Friday but as the forecast was not favourable I did it today – benefits of retirement.

The route forms part of the National Cycle Network (NCN) route number 4 and is nearly all on shared cycle and walking and in parts horse paths.


One lesson I learned today was that of map reading (my hill walking navigator will nod knowingly here!).  When walking it is easy to have the map to hand  and reasonably easy to check the route.  Similarly in a car when sign posts appear quickly.  Now with cycling it is in between and map in the backpack and I went wrong for about a mile and headed for Llanrhidian and not Gowerton.  This despite the NCN signs being very clear. Back on track and eyes peeled for NCN 4 I was soon heading the correct way.

I passed near the old Dunvant Brickworks and near here shared the trail with a horse rider.  I made myself known and slowly overtook.


The route then takes you through Clyne Valley and eventually the sea makes an appearance near Black Pill.

I suppose this could be classed as a Coast Coast ride, albeit one of the shortest.

There was an unusual piece of sculpture just near here.

Feeling good I continued west to Mumbles.  I stopped to take a couple of photos of two people enjoying a fairly new sport of Stand Up Paddling – something for the wish list.

I carried on and ended the outward run outside the famous (well locally) Verdi’s.  As I had forgotten the bike lock I just looked at those enjoying coffee and ice cream.

I cycled back to Black Pill and returned to the cycle track and found somewhere to have a quick brew and banana.


Refreshed I headed back to the car and almost beat the rain shower!

This was my longest ride to date and another to be recommended.

This may be my last for a short while as the knee op MAY be on 17th July


  1. The only common point with my walk last year was Loughor which I walked through, and the bit between Black Pill and Mumbles, but I didn't record anything of significant interest on these sections. My walk round the Gower linking these locations was particularly rewarding.

    I notice you spell Loughor as Lougher – the OS map has it as the former, and at first my search on Memory Map couldn't find it.

    All the best with your op. If it is anything like my three arthroscopies you will come out with a ridiculously huge bandage on your knee out of all proportion to the two or three microscopic marks that are revealed when the bandage is removed.


  2. Sorry, no prize for spotting my hopeless spelling! I have now amended the name. We rarely visit the Gower as we prefer travelling to Pembrokeshire as it can be less busy and we believe has better scenery. However it does have its good points – apart from when the Ospreys play the Scarlets!

    At least today I had the confirmation letter about the op on 17th July.

    Good to hear from you.


  3. How strange you should also have a debate on Gower versus Pembroke – it was a running theme through my mind during those parts of the walk and I raised the subject with various people I met along the way, finally concluding as follows from my journal:

    “The Gower had spectacular coastline with rocky cliffs, huge unpopulated beaches with golden sand against blue sea and sky on that hot sunny day. I met and chatted to various people who coincidently or not seemed to have a consensus about the Gower versus Pembroke coast paths debate saying they were different, and should not be compared.”

    Personally I prefer Pembroke in general, and in particular for personal reasons.


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