St Davids

Our usual Monday date was postponed because of stair rod type rain and so Friday was chosen. Unfortunately the “Navigator” takes politics seriously and had stayed up late to witness May’s humiliation and his own tiredness.

The theme for the day was to be flowers and St Davids the venue. When we arrived the first thing we noticed was a new roundabout and road had been built since our last visit.


We set set off  in a westerly direction first along a footpath and then lanes leading to Porthselau on the coast where people were happily sunbathing.

St Davids 003

St Davids 004

Following coffee we then turned north passing Whitesands Bay and onto St Davids Head for a lunch stop.

St Davids 005

Whitesands Bay with Carn Llidi

St Davids 006

The return journey was via the shoulder of Carn Llidi passing the Youth Hostel and along the narrow lanes barely wide enough to accommodate tractors and pedestrians at the same time!

St Davids 007

The flower theme follows.

St Davids 001


St Davids 002



St Davids 010



St Davids 009


St Davids 011

Yellow daisy type flowers.

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