This was the “scorchio” week and the decision was made to head for the coast where there  was bound to be sea breezes but it was not to be.


We parked the car in Middle Mill a hamlet just up the road from Solva. From here we walked a lane to Whitchurch and then onto the old St Davids Airfield now a  SSSI.

Solva 001

Solva 002

Our coffee break was had in a postage size piece of shadow and then via lanes and footpaths down to the coast through Trelerw.

Solva 003

Solva 004

Solva 005

On reaching the coast path turned east heading for Solva.

Solva 006

Solva 007

Solva 008

With lunchtime approaching we were desperate for some shade or at least a breeze. There was none of the former and despite being on a high cliff overlooking the earthworks of an old fort there was little of the latter.

Following our food break we continued into Solva and back along the lanes to our car in Middle Mill.

Solva 009

Solva 010

Solva 011

Solva 012

Solva 013

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