Afan Argoed

We were heading east today, to Afan Argoed Forest. This is a well known mountain bike centre but there are lots of good walking trails here as  well.



The weather was not playing fair and full wet weather gear was climbed into and we set off just before the arrival of two buses full of children. i have no idea what happened to te children but the rain disappeared.

There are a number of interesting things to see at the centre all connected to mining and worth a look..



Old Blacksmiths


The Navigator giving us instructions

Our route took us down a a made up tar mac track which once carried a mineral railway. You need to be aware in this area as some paths are for bikes only.


Never a bungee when required

On the north side of the valley we headed north to Cwm Pelenna






Just after the mountain centre and the ruined “refuge for weary travellers” and Gyfylchi farm we were joined by two springers.


This is for Paul – we ignored it.



Lost again!


It looked like mum and son. After about 100 yards mum returned but the youngster continued to follow us. We kept on hoping he would also return but he clearly liked our company and stuck with us. he was still there at lunch and we were resigned to putting him in our car and driving to Gyfylchi Farm after the walk.. He was well behaved and even when a scarf was attached to his collar when we were near sheep he accepted it. Our bacon was saved when a Royal Mail van bounced up a narrow farm lane and he knew the dog and agreed to take him back to the farm.





When we started our way south a large wind farm came into view with all its accompanying roadways. I note on the map attached to this blog that these intrusions on the landscape even have their own markings and is adjacent to Bol Las. Thankfully we left these whirring nightmares behind and descended down a lovely valley into Cwm Afan and along the north side of the river back to the car



A selection of gates for differing purposes.

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