Amman Valley Cycle Trail

I thought that I would extend the usual ride from Panyffynnon / Brynamman to Cwmllynfell. The additional section is not fully completed as there is a short section of a public footpath from Brynamman alongside the river Nant Garw. It then becomes a traffic free tarmac path to just beyond Cwmllynfell.

Route The gadget didn’t pick up that I returned to the start!

It was sunny all day but a chill in the air with a headwind on the way out, but much faster return trip.



Afon Amman




For my non Welsh speaking friends!


I’m not sure either but I sat on one for a coffee break


The grass is greener —–!


One thought on “Amman Valley Cycle Trail

  1. That picture of the horse sticking their heads out to nibble on the grass makes me smile! They are so close to the cycle path, I am sure they know everything that goes on along there.


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