Bickerton Hill Cheshire

We were visiting Chester to carry out a spot of dog sitting for our son Rhodri and partner Gianna. In December 2015 they took delivery of our first grand dog a springer named Holly.

Just to warn the reader there are lots of photos of Holly!

She has grown a lot since we last saw her at the end of December and glad to say her teeth are no longer needle sharp!

We had sole charge from Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon and with all necessary instructions imparted I think we came through unscathed if not a little bleary eyed following a 0600 wake up whine – toilet time (not me, Holly).

Sunday it was decided to follow a walk from Countryside Dog Walks in Cheshire and Rhodri chose a walk on Bickerton Hill. 


We parked in a small National park car park and set off up hill through the woodlands. Holly was let off the lead chasing a  tennis ball bringing it back to be thrown again and again.



As well as other dog walkers and people enjoying the dry sunny weather there was an orienteering race taking place with runners seemingly all going different directions.

We passed the ramparts of Maiden Castle and on to Kitty’s Stone with steep cliffs leading down to the Cheshire plain.















A chance for early inheritance? A gentle push?




Up to now the walk instructions were spot on but then it went a little iffy and we clearly took a wrong turn, although even back tracking we could not follow the instructions given.

I have to say Holly has yet to learn tracking and she just kept on running around, happy to be out.

The route takes in part of the Sandstone Trail and there are tracks all over the hill and well worth further exploration.


I’ve been a really good girl.




2 thoughts on “Bickerton Hill Cheshire

  1. Great to see the lovely Holly, perhaps you could consider a new sub-series ‘adventures with springers’! 😆

    I particularly love the fact that Holly is slightly blurred in most pictures capturing her true Springy nature. 😊


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