A Stag Do

No, this was not a day of debauchery but a walk through Martindale with the hope of seeing and hearing the stags.


We caught the boat from Glenridding and travelled to Howtown.

Cloudy tops

 From here we walked into the village and onto the path under Steel End and joined the minor road by the Parish Church, St Peters, leading to Martindale. At the next church we read about the deeds in the area.

Coffee Break

By the time we reached Dale Farm we had seen a stag up on the hills towards Beds Fell and from there on we could hear them becoming increasingly louder as we neared the end of the valley. With strained eyes we saw more of them.

High St in the distance

 Our route now took an increasingly steep and narrow path to Heck Crag and then to Angle Yarn.

Our route followed the wall to the pass

Looking back into Martindale

Angle Tarn
From here we headed downhill following the public footpath to Boredale Hause, Side Farm back to Patterdale

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