DAY 2 (Ysgyryd Fawr)

Because of yesterday’s snow we again decided to walk from the cottage and the days objective was to be Ysgyryd Fawr.

We were able to walk to the base of the hill across country in the main including the nearby golf course without seeing any hardy players. As we started to climb the hill at the foot of Caer Wood we decided it was sensible to put on the Microspikes.  As we were doing this a pair of walkers were coming down the path, they had found it too slippery and had turned back. They spotted our spikes and following a positive sales pitch they said they were off straightaway to buy a set each. (we receive no commission and are not connected to the company – worse luck).

Our route was the path which skirts the eastern side of the hill and then a direct assault from the north. This last bit was very steep and the spikes came in very useful even when there was no ice or snow.

The views today were much better and despite the cold we lingered at the summit and viewed the remains (not much really) of St Michael’s Chapel. By the time we had reached the top there were numerous others coming up the from the south approach.

We found a sheltered spot for lunch before winding our way down and ending up on a nice old green road near Crawfield Court Farm.  We were back in time to watch Wales beat Ireland.

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