Day 3 (Llangatwg Escarpment)

The weather was clearer but still very cold and our itinerary today took us to the Llangatwg area to walk under the escarpment and then back walking above the escarpment.

The main roads were clear but the car park at 209154 was just about manageable. Just after leaving the car we came across two pigs who seemed very happy digging away in their enclosure.

There is a wide path leading north east under the cliffs clearly part of the old quarry systems and which made for easy walking with views north.

The path soon became ice covered and another opportunity to slip on the Microspikes.  The edges of the cliffside were covered in ice formations as were the entrances to various holes in the cliff faces.  Some of these no doubt led into the extensive cave systems which riddle this part of the world.  I have to say this is one area of outdoor(?) pursuits which will remain unknown to me.

We were so taken with the path and the surroundings we went straight past the well sign posted  footpath leading down off the quarry area.  However we backtracked and resumed the planned route.  We were now in the Ciliau Nature Reserve and Waun Ddu.

Before reaching the road we cut back up onto the hillside battling over snow and heather and then following intermittent paths heading south east passed the large cairn near the map description of Eglwys Faen.

We found a cosy little shelter for a coffee break before descending back to the car.

At a junction of paths we came across a true sink hole.  Someone had somehow managed to transport a large Belgium Sink and placed it here.  Possibly a container for the sheep to drink from.

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