Sunday the weather was grim with rain all day but this being the UK, Monday was glorious and the “Navigator” and I set off for a walk from Stackpole in Pembrokeshire taking in Bosherton Lily Ponds, the beach at Broadhaven South following the coast to Barafundle and back to the car.


There had been some fog from my village east of Carmarthen which had cleared  by the time I picked up the “Navigator” and the day just got better with blue skies and warm sunshine.

The lily ponds at Bosherton were mirror like, the surfaces only disturbed by the occasional cormorant, coot and assorted ducks.



Barafundle Bay is often mentioned in the best beaches in the world list but I prefer Broadhaven South.





From the latter we walked the coast taking in Stackpole Head and on to Barafundle Bay.






Here a number of sand artists had drawn Christmas messages and I joined in but  certain Facebook “friends” pointed out I had the year wrong!


Thankfully the tide will erase  my error. Anyway the sentiment is well meant.


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