Llyn Brianne

Back from sunnier climes “The Navigator” was once again back in charge.  The Sunday evening chat left things up in the air as the forecast was not looking good. However at 0800 on Monday morning the game was afoot.

The decision was to head to the hills in the Llyn Brianne area near Rhandirmwyn.  Although I had walked in this part on numerous occasions, today would see me for the first time,walking across the reservoir dam and visiting the the hideaway of our own local Robin Hood, Twm Sion Cati.


Just after we set off we came across a small runaway herd of Welsh Black cattle strolling down the road. Thankfully they ran up into the trees when a van came down the road.

You looking at me?

We crossed  the dam and looked down  the spillway on which brave (stupid?) kayakers have been known to slide and which runs into the Afon Tywi. It has been said one of the contractors employees was the first to carry out this manoeuvre by sliding down sitting on his shovel!

The spillway

After walking along the track we cut up into the wood where we came across a pair of shoes in perfectly good condition.  I must admit to looking up but thankfully no hanging bodies.

A mystery

As we exited the trees there was a strong and cold wind which blew off and on throughout the walk. The route took us down to the Doethie valley and back towards the road leading up to the reservoir.

Heading down to the Doethie

 We had lunch overlooking where the Afon Doethie meets the Afon Tywi.

Confluence of Afon Doethie and Tywi

 Along the Doethie river there are 5 homes but a large civil contract was underway laying down a new bridge. Apparently the current one is unstable.

Looking upstream of Afon Tywi

Afon Doethie

We turned off the road into the RSPB reserve of Dinas and walked around the hill, but also taking in the cave where Twm Sion Cati was said to have hidden.

The two rivers from Dinas Reserve

Desirable residence?

What I saw showed it to be a most uncomfortable place.The route around the hill is very picturesque and we were soon back at the car.

St Paulinus Church

The board walk from this car park leading into the reserve is currently closed.

Board walk closed

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