Lliw Valley Reservoirs and Cwm Clydach

The Sunday evening conference call to “The Navigator” informed me that the walk for Monday would start from the Lliw Valley Reservoirs and then would become an adventure.

As we left the car at the Lower Lliw Reservoir it started to snow but thankfully this was short lived.
The route is shown here and I will not give a blow by blow account. We left the reservoir complex and walked on the minor roads to just beyond Cynhordy, where a bridle path was taken which led down to Craig Cefn-Parc and our morning coffee by the river.

So this is where the horse meat came from

An ideal elevenses stop
We now walked upstream along Cwm Clydach which is a waymarked  trail
Although the temperature was rising there were still lots of icicles to be seen.
 We left this trail near Nant Moel Isaf and walked west and then south back down towards  the Upper Lliw reservoir and then the lower reservoir back to the car. This latter stretch follows the Gower Way, albeit at this point it is  a long way from the Gower.

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