Waterfalls and Moorlands (Day 2)

Sunday’s weather was not looking inviting and definitely not one for the tops. My bedroom overlooked Llyn Trawsfynydd and if the map is to believed the hills beyond, but nothing but mist.

However The navigator had plan B and we set off for Llan Festiniog and the waterfalls of the Cwm Cynfal.


We walked down to the Ceunant Cynfal Nature Reserve and the deep gorge made for some spectacular waterfalls.






A coffee break was had under the old archways of the disbanded railway before we carried on upstream to Cwm Farm.


The scenery gave way to a narrow gorge with no way through.


 The footpath then took us uphill around Bryn Llech and onto a view point overlooking yet another waterfall.


The path met the B4391 and although there was an opportunity to walk back down to the car on this road we decided to carry on with Plan B. Just before Llyn Dubach we struck onto the moorland and around the south of Llyn Morwynion and onto Carreglwyd.  From here we headed for the minor road and the old chapel and our route back to the start.

Cwm Cynfal is certainly worth exploring for the waterfalls.

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