“The Navigator” had resumed our normal Monday walking as THE PROJECT was nearing the end of the hard landscaping. Today’s walk was a circular walk based on Moylegrove and would take in part of the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path and some inland walking.

Moylegrove 001

Moylegrove 020

We had a full house today with the addition of Paul, Chris and his dog Daisy.


From the car park it was an uphill start and then a small error as we followed a lane which used to lead to the coast but has now been diverted. We soon got back on track and a welcome elevenses was had overlooking the “Devils Cauldron” a collapsed cave. We used to canoe into this underneath an archway leading from the sea.

Moylegrove 002

Moylegrove 006

Moylegrove 007

Moylegrove 005

We shared our break with a number of grey horses some of whom seemed keen to share in our food, they were out of luck.

Moylegrove 003Moylegrove 004

The walk continued steeply down to walk close to the water feature and then up. Anyone who may think the coast path is “flat” is in for a surprise. The coast path took us into Ceibwr Bay where we crossed a lovely slate bridge across the stream.

Moylegrove 011

Moylegrove 012

The path gave fabulous sea views and many rock formations. We were treated to sights of a flock of choughs and a kestrel quartering the cliffs. One of the path signs had us scratching our heads as it mentioned the Appalachian Trail. But here is the answer

Moylegrove 008

Moylegrove 010

Moylegrove 009

Moylegrove 015

Moylegrove 017

We had lunch before turning inland and heading south back to the car in Moylegrove. Daisy was clearly becoming a little warm and sat for a while in a little stream.

Moylegrove 019

The Pembrokeshire coast never fails to please

Clyne, Gower

The “Navigator” suggested a walk which would take in Clyne GardensĀ on the Gower as they wanted to look at established plants in the boggy area and which would be suitable for their home project. It would also be an opportunity to see the rhododendrons.

As I had a more up to date map, showing open access I was tasked to suggest a walk taking into the Gardens and Clyne Common. I can take the pressure.

Here’s the route.

We spent some time in the Gardens along with many dog walkers and families out enjoying the good weather. Following a coffee break we left Clyne Gardens and joined a path ascending to Clyne Farm (where I have camped a couple of times) and onto Clyne Common where the path cuts through the local golf club. The views were extensive both to the south and north.

Clyne 001

Clyne 002

Clyne 003

Clyne 004

Clyne 005Clyne 006

Clyne 007

Clyne 008

A lunch stop was found and we then headed south across more open land before reaching the suburban area of Newton and Mumbles.

Clyne 009

Clyne 010

A path leading close to Oystermouth Castle was taken which led down to the shared path alongside Swansea Bay. It seemed most of Swansea were out for some fresh air.

Clyne 011

Clyne 012

Clyne 013

The “Navigator” treated us to a lovely ice cream which was an enjoyable end to the walk