Lliw Valley

During my recent week in the Lake District I was having a problem with my right leg with pains around the knee. Some years ago I had an operation on that knee to clear out debris and it was (probably still is) a success. The pain indicates muscular/ligaments and I am now waiting for a doctors appointment.

Not being the most patient of people I went for a 20 mile cycle ride last Monday and all was well as cycling is not too much of a load bearing excecise. Then today I thought a short walk with Paul to view the Lliw Valley reservoirs would be useful to judge the knee situation. Just a niggle.


This area was new to Paul. The car park was busy with half term in full swing with good weather making an appearance. The autumn colours were on full show.

From the lower reservoir we walked uphill to the upper reservoir and onto the rough track for a short while. Thereis a route around the reservoir but that’s for another day.


We returned  the the lower reservoir and took the steps leading down to the river where children were stone hopping across and of course it was bound to happen one took a tumble!


The path we were now on was a  track until it reached the dam which we crossed back to the car.


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