Both the “Navigator” and myself  are now back from our respective holidays and it was time to venture forth again. We still had bad memories of our last walk which was a mud and bramble fest, not to mention the incident with my camera! Hopefully this walk would be less horrendous.

We parked up at Patch which is on the north side of the Teifi estuary and headed north across fields (just a little muddy) and quiet lanes to Mwnt.


Estuary mouth of Afon Teifi


Looking upriver towards St Dogmaels


Old advert on long closed garage


Ye olde sat nav.


Mwnt beach


Another view of Mwnt

This can be a good spot to see dolphins but they stayed hidden today nor did the the rough sea help.

We joined the coast path here and headed back to the car.



When the Welsh coast path was opened there was unfortunately a dispute with one landowner and the area immediately overlooking Cardigan Island is off limits. You can of course pay a fee to visit the Farm Park.








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