Are any of you old enough to remember Flanders and Swan? if so you will appreciate why we were singing the song “Glorious Mud”!! We have had a lot of rain recently but some paths were just taking the mick.

If that wasn’t bad enough I had a major serious moment when at the end of the walk I placed my camera on the car roof and forgot about it. The inevitable happened when I found it later crushed and ruined. As government spokesmen say after a disaster “lessons will be learned”


So no pictures today.

I have to take full responsibility for this walk as it was one I had accompanied the “Navigator” on a considerable amount of time ago when I recalled walking through some disused quarries and seeing the water filled holes. Well since then the quarries have been reopened and “unauthorised” people are not allowed anywhere near.

Bearing in mind the walk was not that far from home and a lot of the paths are shown as trails (The Knights Trail and The Landsker Borderlands Trail) we thought this would be straight forward leading to an early finish. Signposting was at best intermittennt, which is unusual for Pembrokeshire. Early on when taking the path westwards from Crunware Curch (closed) we had to bushwack along it and  then clamber over an earth bank obstruction.

Further on we followed “The Landsker Borderlands Path” across a field which had no way through a recently erected fence – we managed to climb over it with a close eye on the barbed wire.

From there it wasn’t too bad but there was a sting was in the tail. The last footpath from about Trenewydd Farm back to Llanteg was  about an “11” on a scale of 1 to 10 in relation to mud. I was thankful I had had the foresight to wear gators. However we had to laugh as at the end of that path was a sign informing walkers the path was closed because it was unsafe!

Then to top it all I had the camera faux pas. Hey ho, the joys of country walking.

PS When I spoke to my home insurers I was told the camera was less than the excess.

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