The “Navigator” had been studying the weather forecast for our Monday walk and it seemed that if we headed for Aberaeron and walked to Llanon we may be lucky and indeed we were.


We parked on the south side of Aberaeron harbour with nearly all the boats parked up on dry land for the winter, clearly fair weather sailors.


Aberaeron Harbour



Many of the houses in the town are brightly painted which was a contrast to the cloudy day, albeit the views towards the Lleyn were reasonably clear.


Looking south

This part of the coast was new to me although I have often driven past it.

Our plan was to walk to Llanon and make use of our bus passes back to the car hopefully missing the rain which was due to arrive about 1400.


Afon Arth


Colourful street in Aberarth


Fossil of a conch like  thingy




A lot of the path was muddy made worse by sharing it with cattle.

As we entered Llanon a bus arrived full of old folk just like us.


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