Gorseinon to Pontarddulais

The “Navigator” decided on a linear walk today utilising our bus passes (all fully qualified!).

We parked the car in Pontarddulais adjacent to the bus stop and caught a bus to Gorseinon on a very circuitous route taking in most of the roads in the Gorseinon area.


We had been warned that although the paths were shown on the OS map there was a high probability they were not on the ground. However luck was on the “Navigator’s” side and the paths were there, most waymarked.

From the bus station in Gorseinon we headed south and then west towards Lougher joining a traffic free cycle track which led us to the Loughor bridge which of course divides Ospreys from Scarlets but not before a very muddy path.


Today was Friday but arrived at 1300!


Lost again?


Unexpectedly we came across a lovely riverside path and park area with picnic benches and a view point. This had been financed by the plastic bag charge of Marks and Spencer.


Loughor estuary


A different kind of footpath sign




Not just any Greener Living Space …..


We now walked north and were pleasantly surprised to find paths and signs where it had been expected they would not exist. The route took us under the M4 to a bend in the river where an enclosed graveyard could be seen. The church had been taken down and rebuilt in the folk museum in St Fagans near Cardiff.


Old stile



Afon Loughor

From here we walked through a park and back into Pontarddulais.


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