Lliw Valley Reservoir

With the promise of tea and cake and the sun was shining I persuaded Mrs Bob to go for a walk.

We called at Many Tears and collected two of the owners dogs, Archie (no sight) and Custard an old timer and set off for the Lliw Valley Reservoirs not that far from junction 46 of M4 – look for brown tourist signs.

We parked up outside the cafe and  set off along the tar mac road which first takes in the lower reservoir and then eventually to the upper reservoir.




Upper reservoir


Looking back down the valley


There were lots of sheep around and Archie being unable to see was not too sure about their bleating but soon settled down. Whereas most dogs are sniffing close to the ground he sniffs in a 360 degree circle. Custard has seen it all before and is happy to plod along with the occasional lie down in a muddy stream to cool off.



Archie is still young and like human nippers sometimes sits down and will only move if carried and seems quite happy to be transported that way – but not for long!

There and back took about a leisurely two hours before the reward of tea and cake back at the cafe.


It’s not how you start but how you finish

There is an eight mile circular walk which takes in the higher moorland and a shorter walk around the lower reservoir.


Dog tired

20160524_160231 (1)

Don’t go.

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