Llyn Clywedog

One of the volunteer jobs I help Many Tears Animal Rescue with is the occasional transporting of dogs to specialist vets.


Thursday  I travelled to Hafren Vets in Llanidloes with seven dogs. The surgery has a specialist in bone surgery and each of the dogs either has leg problems or broken jaws.

It would take several hours to assess all the dogs and as it was a fine day I travelled a short distance to Llyn Clywedog an area I had not been to previously.


The views were fantastic and with lunch packed into a rucksack off I went for a short walk. I came across Glyndwr’s Way and followed this for a short while and then joined the interpretative trail laid out by the Severn Trent Authority.






This led down a finger of land sticking out into the lake. At the end I came across a party of young children being taught to sail. There was a brisk wind blowing but they were doing very well.


The ridge I walked down


I had a lazy lunch, read a little and looked at the views before heading back via a path close to the water.


Judging by the numbers of lambs these boys had been busy




Old lead mines


No cake today

Back at the vets I was told they would keep 2 dogs for urgent operations and the rest would need to return in due course.



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