Parc Drysgol

Wednesday was to be our rest day, especially as the forecast was for a wet day..

Andy and I had a quick visit to Bangor for fresh supplies and after lunch we decided on a short local walk, leaving The Navigator  in charge of the cottage.


The plan was to walk up Moel Rhiwen and onto Parc Drysgol and wend our way in a sort of circle back to base. Although the area is shown as open access we could not find an easy way on to the hill and so walked on to find a path which ran between the two hills. By now the weather had clamped in and visibility  was non existent.


The non view to Moel Rhiwen


Another non view – the grey = low cloud

We reached the top of Parc Drysgol and then headed down to the woodland which lay south easterly and followed the road back north to reach another footpath heading north west, although the sign had been painted  over. With rain now falling and no sign of the mist clearing we back tracked and returned to the cottage.

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