Llyn Dinas

Our annual February trip for 2016 was to Snowdonia where we based ourselves in a nice cottage near Deinolen. Our small group consisted of “The Navigator”, Andy and myself.

As is usual we have a half day walk en route and this year we met Andy near Llyn Dinas close to Craflwyn Hall at 1300.

The weather had taken a turn for the better and it looked like we were in for at least dry conditions for a few days.

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We had lunch by a lovely waterfall and then headed steadily uphill to join the Watkin Path.



From here we descended to the road crossing the Afon Glaslyn to head westwards south of Llyn Dinas back to the car.




Our trip to the cottage took us through Llanberis Pass with views of the mountains surrounding Snowdon.


A good start to the week.

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