Mynydd Llangyndeirne

I made my usual telephone call to “The Navigator” on Sunday evening only to be told I was to be the guide on Monday suggesting a walk near my home.


So on Monday the 7th December a full group was assembled consisting of Mr and Mrs Navigator, Paul, Chris, Daisy the Dog and me.

We left the village of Llanddarog and headed south on lanes and up to Mynydd Llangyndeirne  passing the huge limestone quarry. This quarry has been in production for a considerable time and we have seen it eating into the mountain for the 35 years we lived here.


An old lime kiln near the quarry



Letter boxes for the few properties on the hill


Once on top of the hill (mountain seems an excessive description) we walked through some very muddy areas, the group had been forewarned about conditions, and up to the trig point where a panorama view point had been erected showing the various areas that can be seen.


They were warned it would be muddy



Two toned Daisy


No, it is not what it looks like!

Lunch was had out of the wind and we then set off on the return leg, encountering even more mud until we reached the more firm track taking us back to the road. Another footpath was taken leading to the fishing ponds of Garn Ffrwd. It was then lane work down to near White Hall, Cil-yr Ynys and then another footpath through Glanyrynys leading back to Llanddarog.


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