Landimore Marsh North Gower

In the absence of The Navigator, Paul and I followed a route, number 26 from the Cicerone Guide “Walking on Gower”.

This was all new to me although I have cycled in the vicinity.


We parked at the end of a lane in Landimore on the salt marsh and headed west under the woodland on Tor Gro. This area was used as a firing range in the Second World War, but is now a peaceful place to be.



Where the track meets Burry Pill we stopped for a coffee and looked to our left to see the striking North Hill Tor which is the location of an odd named earth work, Nottle Hill Tor.


This area can be flooded in high spring tides but there is a signpost for a high tide route.




Today we were walking on a low tide and took the normal path up to Cheriton. At the bottom of the valley opposite a lovely old church we took the path signposted to Stembridge which crossed a number of fields with Burry Pill to our right.


There was an old pack horse bridge to see which dates from at least 1500.



At the paths end we joined a road for a short while before turning left onto another path which led us past Samson’s Jack a large standing stone. We also came across a field with huge turnips.



Samson’s Jack is the  Gower’s largest standing stone  at 3.2 metres. Variously known as Mansell’s Jack or Sam(p)son’s Jack,  and legend holds that the stone holds such power as to equip its visitors with an answer to their most pressing question. When was lunch? The answer was not long and we found a comfortable place close to Weobley Castle.


Refreshed we walked down to the coast path and headed back to the car.





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