The Navigator’s project is nearing the end but today a visit to a supplier of stone was called for where a large quantity of Scottish cobbles was ordered. Payment made we continued on to the start of our walk.


The car was parked just off the main road near Canaston Bridge and we were soon crossing fields heading to the village of Llawhaden.




We continued on along paths and bridleways close to the Eastern Cleddau river and came across a sign for Holgan Camp.


There is a fort shown on the OS map although not named and amazingly nothing on Google about it. We headed uphill hoping to find the camp but the path was clearly not often walked and unfortunately there was no view at the top as the tree cover was dense. We returned downhill and stopped for lunch.

Refreshed we commenced our return, crossing the river and then following this south. A decision was made to follow the bridleway and not the parallel footpath. I now remembered this route from a bike ride I had some years ago where there were large stretches of flood water, but that had been winter time. It made no difference as the flood waters were still here in August!


We eventually found dry land and walked into Robeston Wathan an old bottle neck on the way west but now a quiet backwater following the building of a by pass.



We followed a rough lane under the by pass and into the wooded area of Canaston Woods which led us to Blackpool Mill now closed.



From here it was a short distance back to the car crossing again under the bypass.

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