Porthclais Circular (near St Davids Pembs)

It appears that summer may have arrived. It was certainly a glorious day today. With “The Navigator” back in charge of routes, a walk in Pembrokeshire was chosen.

He was still on the look out for suitable plants for his project and the walk would be partly inland near wet areas and then back to the Pembrokeshire Coast Path to close the circle.


Porthclais 003

Porthclais 027

We parked in the National Trust car park in Porthclais and headed east on a footpath through Porthclais Farm and onto the entrance of the Warpool Hotel. Here we turned towards St Davids and then on the footpath leading to a converted mill (shown roughly as Water Mill on the map).

Porthclais 001

Porthclais 002

We walked along a quiet lane before turning north on a footpath to Ffynnon Llygad, a path which warns of wet ground, but following a dry spell it was not too bad. We did see lots of yellow flag iris, orhids and ragged robin.

Porthclais 004

Porthclais 005

Another lane was joined and we turned west and then onto a path which led to the coast at Porthselau. Here we saw some brave children, albeit in wetsuits enjoying the waves.

Porthclais 007

The coast path was alive with spring flowers including thrift, squill, foxgloves and a low lying flower similar to gorse.

Porthclais 010

Porthclais 020

Whilst on the path we spotted a kestrel hovering very close to the cliff and whilst “Mrs Navigator” was taking a photograph a young blue tit landed on her camera! We also saw gannets out to sea looking magnificent as they folded their wings and dived into the sea, and there was one seal. My camera didn’t capture any of these, but perhaps “Mrs Navigator” will email hers to me and I can then edit this post.

A lunch stop was taken near Point St John and we continued around the coast with views of Ramsey Island across the sound.

Porthclais 008

At St Justinians the scenery suddenly appeared somewhat industrial with a huge crane and a floating rig. These are temporary until the new Lifeboat station is built. There is also an experiment taking place using the currents of Ramsey Sound and an underwater turbine. In contrast there is the ruin of the medieval chapel where it is said the remains of St Justinian is buried.

Porthclais 013

Porthclais 014

Porthclais 015

Porthclais 016

Porthclais 017

The route took us past some sea arches and other rock formations until we turned inland through Treginnis where there is a city farm.

Porthclais 012

Porthclais 019

Porthclais 021

Porthclais 022

The coast path was rejoined at Porth Henllys and the views were just stunning. “The Navigator” continued a recent precedence and he bought us ice creams as a fitting end to an excellent day out.

Porthclais 023

Porthclais 024

Porthclais 025

Porthclais 026

Porthclais 028

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