Rhandirmwyn Area

The “Navigator’s” landscaping project is on going (it will need a map soon) and so our walk took place today a Saturday.

The weather started poor but improved as the day progressed.

Our route  http://my.viewranger.com/track/details/MTU3ODExMQ==

We climbed steadily up a minor road before joining a green lane. Here there were fields full of horses and unfortunately one dead horse which had appeared to have died giving birth as the foal, also dead, could be seen.

Rhandirmwyn 001

Rhandirmwyn 003

There was no nearby farmhouse and so it was not until I returned home could I report the incident to the RSPCA. Hopefully the owners would be making their rounds daily as there were other pregnant mares in the herd.

At Dolfallt we ascended the hill shown as “Cairn 379m” for some extensive views albeit not as clear as we would have liked.

We then walked  through the woods and  down into Rhandirmwyn passing the Royal Oak with smells of chips cooking. i had read recently this pub was in the running for a CAMRA award. Throughout the area a considerable amount of tree felling had taken place which had opened the views.

Rhandirmwyn 004

Rhandirmwyn 005

Rhandirmwyn 006

Rhandirmwyn 007

Rhandirmwyn 008

In the village we headed downstream alongside the Afon Tywi.

Rhandirmwyn 009

Rhandirmwyn 010

I had fond memories of this stretch of river as it has to be one of the best grade 2 white water rivers in the area with its gorges and tight corners and at Dolauhirion bridge a nice grade 3 drop.

Rhandirmwyn 011

Rhandirmwyn 015

Rhandirmwyn 016

At the property Dugoedydd we came across a lamb who looked like it had been coralled in the garden probably to be hand fed as it ran to the gate expecting a feed and had a fruitless suck on my thumb!

This walk was of interest to Mr and Mrs Navigator as they passed comment on the number of ponds in the grounds of various homes and whether theirs was going to be bigger or smaller. There was also an inordinate amount of time spent examining various foot bridges – you can guess the size of their project.

Rhandirmwyn 014

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