Trelerw (Pembs)

With Mr and Mrs Navigator up to their welly tops in major landscaping and needed to be home in the week to give instructions to the digger drivers, our weekly walk took place on Sunday.

The weather continues to be fine, although there was a keen wind blowing today. Our venue was near the hamlet of Trelerw a small valley between Solva and St Davids with a convenient National Trust car park.


The walk took us down to the coast path and at Nine Wells we headed inland to the old RAF aerodrome, which is now a nature reserve,with glorious bright yellow gorse and lots of cowslips.

Trelerw 001 Trelerw 002 Trelerw 003 Trelerw 004 Trelerw 005 Trelerw 006

Trelerw 012

Trelerw 011


Trelerw 008

Arch Angels

Trelerw 009 Trelerw 010

We joined a minor road which led us the outskirts of St Davids and down to the coast at Caerfai Bay

Trelerw 013Trelerw 014

As in my last post the spring flowers were blooming everywhere.

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