Gelliwen Carmarthenshire

With a good forecast on offer Paul and I decided on a walk and as “The Navigator” was not involved we had to resort to a walk made up by another.

I have frequently referred to books by Alan Richards which describe some excellent walks in Carmarthenshire and today we chose a route from volume 2 based on Gelliwen.


As usual it was a varied walk with green lanes, minor roads and forestry trails giving good views.

We did have one”interesting” section where the route took us steeply down to a brook but unplanned by the author we had some huge downed trees to clamber over and under.

A lunch break was had at Llanwinio Church and hopefully the “residents” did not mind our using a plinth for a seat.

Throughout the walk spring was clearly in the air with birdsong constantly in our ears and the annual appearance of spring.

On our way back to Gelliwen we came across a local resident who said we were the first walkers she had seen for a considerable period She lived in a lodge which served the now ruined mansion of Panthowell Should we ever want to visit the ruins we could walk through her garden a friendly type.

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