With cold, clear weather forecast I suggested a walk in Llandeilo. Further afield, especially to the big hills would mean travelling small lanes , probably not gritted and discretion won.


(click on any blue writing for additional information and on any photo to obtain a better view)

Although Paul had walked the grounds of Dinefwr Park the rest of the walk taking in Tregib Woods and the banks of the Afon Tywi and its footbridge would be new.

We parked next to the towns fire station and walked down the main driveway of Dinefwr Park through Castle Woods Nature Reserve and onto the Llandeilo Bridge.

From here we walked  through Ffairfach and on to Tregib. Climbing uphill we eventually turned left and then turned into the Woodland Trusts wood. This led downhill to the 2005 planted woodland to celebrate the battle of Trafalgar

Leaving the wood we walked up the road to cross a stile to walk along the Afon Tywi and over the footbridge back into Llandeilo.

With good time made we extended the planned walk and continued into the grounds of Dinefwr Park keeping the Afon Tywi on our left. We stopped for a short lunch and then continued across the fields and then cut back towards Newton House spotting a large herd of deer before heading back to the car.

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