Mynydd Castlebythe Puncheston

He’s back. The Navigator is back in control and todays trip was to be in the Puncheston area of Pembrokeshire taking into account Mynydd Castlebythe and the lower slopes of Mynydd Cilciffeth.


The weather was a little dreary with little in the way of clear skies, which was a shame as these modest hills would give excellent views of the Preseli Hills, Carn Ingli and the coast down towards St Davids.

With the car parked we walked south east through Morvil where an old church was being repaired, whether for private use or the church I do not know.

Mynydd Castlebythe
From here we followed the lane and then headed up onto Mynydd Castlebythe over a path recently cut into the rough vegetation. From the top there were reasonable 360 degree views but on a crisp day would have been so much better.
Summit of Mynydd Castlebythe looking towards Carningli

We descended and headed for the village of Puncheston and then north to walk on the lower slopes of Mynydd Cilciffeth with the weather starting to close in. 
Bridleway on Mynydd Cilciffeth
We came across a distressed pregant ewe laying on her back. We tried to lift her back to her feet but I regret she could not stand. There did seem to be a problem with a back leg and why she was in this particular field when all her mates were in another seemed odd.  Unfortunately there was no farmhouse in the vicinity and we had to leave her, sad.

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