Llansamlet to Mumbles Pier and back


There are lots of reasons for being retired but one good one is that one can choose the good days to go out. Today was a cracker, blue skies and not too cold. However although not too strong we seemed to be against the wind on the outward trip and again on the  way back – how does that happen?

Today was also the second in less than a week when we went east and crossed the Afon Lougher and strayed into Osprey Land (it`s a rugby thing).

Route – Viewranger

Route – UK Hills

We parked next to the lake in the Llansamlet trading estate and set  off on NCN 43 heading for Swansea marina situated in the imaginative named area of SA1 (the postcode). We passed the training ground of Swansea City FC, who are riding high at present in the Premier league and then Liberty Stadium where both the football side and the Osprey rugby union side play.

Liberty Stadium
Swansea Marina

Once at the marina we crossed over the Afon Tawe by the barrage and then headed west on the shared path to Mumbles Pier. We did however stop at “Ripples” cafe for a cup of coffee and a warm Welsh cake and butter.

We returned on the same route apart from a short diversion to cross the Sail Bridge in SA1.

I told you it was windy
The wild side of Osprey land

Before driving home we did visit Tredz Cycle shop to drool over lots of lovely bikes and kit, but no money changed hands.

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