Newquay to Cwmtydu and back

With Mrs Bob visiting a friend in Taunton, the “Navigator” suggested picking him and Mrs N up for a trip to Newquay and a free evening meal at their house later. Good idea.


We parked up in Newquay after an altercation with a parking meter and a phone call to the Council to resolve matters.

The route shows an inland walk taking in some woodland and a walk down to Cwmtydu.

A number of families with accompanying dogs were enjoying the beach and it was good to see the children being allowed to play in the stream throwing in pretty large poo sticks without being told off. No doubt there wellies were just too short to stop the ingress of water.

Following lunch we walked back along the coast to Newquay.

Ynys Lochtyn in the distance

Newquay or is it Llareggub

The evening meal went down well.

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