Cumbria Way – west of Coniston Water

Our week is coming to an end but the weather is still being a little selfish with low cloud and light rain forecast.

The benefit of this of course, is that we don’t have to flog up the biggies!

Today we were heading for the low hills to the west of Coniston roughly the Blawith fells in a figure of eight walk.


We parked near Brown How and walked up the lane to join the Cumbria Way to Beacon Tarn heading southwards to Tottlebank and then south west to the Giants Grave.


Beacon Tarn


We are somewhere on here.


Coffee at Beacon Tarn




Might be Giants Grave

Here I was able to remove the over trousers before the climb up to Blawith Knott where we had lunch.

Blawith Knott

The top half of the “eight” was accomplished by walking north eastish to the east side of Beacon tarn and up onto Beacon Hill and dropping back to the car.




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