High Nibthwaite, Top O Selside

Sunday’s walk was on the hills to the east of Coniston Water which includes Bethecar Moor and the high spot Top O Selside.

Route (as best remembered)

We parked near the property known as Water Park and walked back to High Nibthwaite.


There is a path which climbs straight up to Brock Barrow but we headed around the hill to the east and took an easier path to the summit.

Looking down on the south end of Coniston Water


Summit of Brock Barrow


Coniston Water


More of Coniston Water

From there we crossed rough and in places boggy ground taking in Low Light Haw, High Light Haw, Arnsbarrow Hill and down to Arnsbarrow Tarn before reaching Top O Selside.

Handy shelter for lunch


Arnsbarrow Tarn


Top O Selside

From here we dropped down west to a major path and turned north to again turn west near Low Parkamoor dropping through a wooded area to gain the road back to the car.

Coniston water


From the main path



Nice wall



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