Mynydd Llangendeirne

With the forecast for my usual walking day, Monday, looking grim I made the most of a blue sky Sunday for a local walk. I can see Mynydd Llangendeirne from my back garden and there is a good circular walk that can be made from home.


Tree lined lane near Cwmisfael

Recycled post boxes

The area surrounding the top is known for artefacts including a small cromlech which at last I found and photographed.

The views from the top were clear with views of the Preselis, The National Botanic Garden Great Glasshouse, Paxton Tower and many villages throughout the area.

The Tywi Valley to the north still had mist despite it had gone mid morning.

Something new on the mountain were a number of interpretation panels and a compass with distant points outlined.

On the way home I came across some curious horses and then crossed the Afon Gwendraeth Fach,

Curious horses
Gwenraeth Fach

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