Chester – Delamere Forest – Guilden Sutton

My son and partner live just outside Chester and luckily my brother-in-law Andy also lives in Chester.

The main purpose of my visit was to carry out gardening work at my son`s but I had time off for good behaviour and Saturday was pencilled in for a bike ride with Andy.

The plan was to cycle on the Chester Greenway and then on route NCN 70 to Delamere Forest and find our way back again on NCN70 and 71 to Guilden Sutton.


The weather was cooler than late with just a hint of rain but ideal for cycling.

The Chester Greenway is traffic free and built on a disused railway. We headed east but he way west takes you to the Wirral all on traffic free trails.

Once off the Greenway we cycled on mainly country roads with little traffic. Anyone thinking that Cheshire is flat well think again. There were some hilly bits with a couple of 10% inclines. I did walk for one short stretch.

Morning coffee (no cake) was taken at the cafe at Manley Mere and then lunch at the cafe in Delamere Forest (no cake). Not by design but we took a forest trail which coincided with a race celebrating the Sandstone Trail and it was very busy.


They breed them big here


No cake


After lunch we took another forest trail around Blakemere Moss a shallow lake teeming with wildlife.
Blakemere Moss


Segway riding
Back on the roads we cycled through some lovely Cheshire countryside and villages back to my sons home in Guilden Sutton, pretty well tired out.


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