This walk decision was taken by Mrs Navigator as this was the annual camping trip to the Brecon Jazz Festival.

The “Navigator” and I are engaged to help erect the tent (marquee) where the cool lady will be staying.

Obviously we also incorporate a walk and here’s the


Our first objective after parking the car was “Y Gyrn”. a steady climb through bracken and stone.

As gained the top Pen-y-Fan and Corn Ddu came into view.

We then headed down towards Storey Arms where a small army of holiday walkers were heading up to Pen-yFan.

 Our route was across the main road following the Beacons Way towards Craig Cerrig Gleisiad and then down to the car.

I can report that the tent was successfully erected near Brecon. I have no idea what happened later as what goes on on tour stays on tour!

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