Felindre Farchog


The “Navigator” had decided on a walk near the west coast resort of Newport starting and finishing in Felindre Farchog.


This was another warm July day. The route started uphill straight away and an early stop was made to shed some clothing (memo to self, always check nothing left behind).

We walked into the grounds of Pentre Ifan Urdd Centre and turned onto a footpath where I discovered I no longer had my camera. Bother (censored expletive) I must have left it where we stopped earlier on. Most unlike me I rushed back and thankfully there it was.

Retracing our steps the trip continued and a welcome coffee break was had at the cromlech of Pentre Ifan

From here we headed to the Ty Canol Nature Reserve with its odd shaped outcrops of rock. and on down through the ancient woodlands which has a huge collection of rare lichen

At the main road we crossed over and through Llwyngwair and back to the car following the Afon Nevern.

As a post script the fast walk caused some pain to my knee some 24 hours later but thankfully resolved itself by Friday. No more rushing about, stick to the plod.

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