Penllegaer Woods

I have wanted to visit this area for some time but was not sure if the journey would be worthwhile, thankfully I was pleasantly surprised.

Penllegaer Woods

For company I took Finn and Custard, dogs belonging to the owner of the rescue centre, Many Tears.

I had no idea where to walk so just followed a path ( maps are available from the cafe and information centre). Bluebells were still in bloom with their blue haze throughout the woods.

 The dogs soon found somewhere to cool off as we followed the river downstream.

The path can be followed down to Cadle in the south but I spotted some stepping stones to take us across the river. Now it is not easy to to step from stone to stone with a dog on a lead who had no intention of being on the stones but thought it easier just wade across!

We came across a lake and then took the higher path back to the cafe where it seemed a good idea to have a chocolate drink.

As I now had the relevant leaflet we walked down to look at the falls and the recently installed Archimedes Screw.

We now headed back up on the other side of the river where I spotted a bench and thought it was time for a rest. I stretched out but before I could shut my eyes Finn was giving my face a good lick and any idea of shut eye disappeared and so we walked back to the car. Most unfairly they slept all the way back.

These woods are well worth exploring.

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