Good Friday and in fact the weather was good.  Paul had not visited the Preseli area and so off we went.


We parked in Rosebush adjacent to Tafarn Sinc and set off across the fields and up to Foel Cwmcerwyn by which time we were down to our T shirts. Fantastic views from the top where we met a couple from Swindon who were busy bagging various tops in the area in a short space of time.

They have a long wait
Our first destination Foel Cwmcerwyn

Made it.

Looking toward Carn Ingli and Newport

We descended down to the forestry for a lunch break and then off to “bag” Foel Eryr before returning to the forestry (although there has been lots of recent felling) and down to Rosebush passing the various quarry workings

We should be grateful

The top of Foel Eryr

Rosebush resr. to the left and Llys Y Fran to the right

We came from there

Artistic view of Carn Ingli

Unexpected waterfall

Never in the right place

Apparently in this village on Good Friday there is a by law which forbids people leaving before having a drink in Tafarn Sinc!


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